Viking Valor: Powderpuff Revival Takes Westhill By Storm

By: Nina Lopes

On Tuesday, November 21st, a Westhill tradition was brought back to life. Powderpuff games were held after school in the Westhill stadium to fundraise for all the student governments. Every grade had a team of girls and upperclassmen coaches, and the four teams each team competed against each other until one team was victorious. The class of ‘25 (juniors) placed 1st, the class of ‘24 (seniors) placed 2nd, the class of ‘26 (sophomores) placed 3rd, and the class of ‘27 (freshmen) placed last. 

Alexandra Martinez (‘25) played wide receiver for the triumphant Junior team. “Team work makes the dream work. I think we worked really hard and we played super competitively. It was an amazing experience and I will definitely be playing again,” said Alexandra Martinez (‘25).

There were many ways to be involved in the event without running out on the field, one prime example being coaching. Among the upperclassmen coaches was Arian Berisha (‘24), who helped coach the sophomore team. “Powderpuff was fun to be involved in, it felt like all the grades came together to support it and I think we should continue it in the future,” said Arian Berisha (‘24). 

Sophomore team member Leah Castillo (‘26) also had high praise for the event. “I had lots of fun playing with my classmates and I’m hoping we continue Powderpuff at Westhill,” said Leah Castillo (‘26).

Overall, the Powderpuff game was not only a success in fundraising but also a success in amplifying school spirit and bringing the purple and gold community together. Hopefully, the tradition of Powderpuff games will continue for generations of Vikings ahead.

Photos By: Althea Baclayon