Deck the Halls with Greenery: Westhill’s Agriscience Program Presents a Festive Holiday Plant Sale

Holiday wreaths are sold at the Agriscience Holiday Plant Sale. Image by Riya Gada ('24).

By:  Devan Kraemer

On December 2nd and 9th, the Stamford Regional Future Farmers of America Program at Westhill held their annual Holiday Plant Sale. Products that were sold included Christmas cactus, wreaths, poinsettias, and other plants and floral arrangements. Students in the program helped to tie wreaths in the garage while others stayed in the Floral lab to decorate wreaths and make floral arrangements. In the atrium of their building, student Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) vendors were found. These student-run businesses included Kyle Rogers’ (‘26) Carnivorous Curiosities and more. 

“My favorite part of the plant sale probably has to be getting to see all the SAE vendors and stuff that they have to offer,” said Kyle Rogers (‘26).

Food was available to purchase including hot chocolate and funnel cake which was made by the students and parent volunteers. The funnel cakes were made in Ag’s kitchen while the drinks were made and given to customers in the hallway. The topping options consisted of whipped cream and candy canes.

Merchandise, including shirts, hoodies, and bags, from the program were also sold to others. Across from this table, there were animals including lizards and snakes which were accompanied by current students and lab managers of the Herpetology lab.

“I liked socializing with others and talking to new people at the sale,” said Azael Rojas Calvillo (’26).

Many people attended the sale including the Stamford Public Schools superintendent, Dr. Tamu Lucero. Tours of the building were also given to families and aspiring AgriScience students by current students who wore official dress. The profits that were made from this sale will be used in future events for the program.