Friday Night at the Hill: A Rundown of Westhill’s First-Ever Fall Ball

By: Michelle Oziembala

We know homecoming as a fun, autumnal tradition that’s typically marked with a dance following a football game. However, due to the Covid shakeup the world received, homecoming has looked a little different for Westhill over the past few years. In 2020, we did not have a homecoming, the following year it was held outside in the frigid November temperatures, and last year it was held in the new gym.

Despite the changing circumstances of our homecomings these past four years, this year’s fall ball was a bittersweet night for the seniors to experience their last final high school homecoming together.

“This year’s fall ball was my favorite homecoming we’ve had in my four years at Westhill. I had a great time getting dressed up and dancing with my friends. It was a great way to bring the student body together to have some fun,” said Pippa Cooper (‘24). 

The differences between this year’s dance versus the previous years was the enthusiasm brought by students and the aspects that were not just dancing. The class of ‘24 student government, which organized the event, brought in different accessories for students such as colorful leis, fedora hats, and neon glasses. The dance also featured a photo section with different props that students could hold up in their pictures. These small details had a bright and lively impact on the students’ experience at the dance. 

Additionally, the dance featured popular music to which students had a great time dancing to. Students all came together at a certain point to start a mosh pit in the middle of the floor.

“The energy was high, and it was better than last year’s homecoming. It was a great way to spend my Friday night,” said Annemarie Mcdonald (‘26). 

Overall, students enjoyed their time at the fall ball, despite it being something a bit different than usual traditions.

 “Fall ball was really fun because I got to dance with my best friends. I think it was a warmer and more high-spirited environment than years prior,” said Melissa Silva (‘24).

Due to the spectacular outcome the fall ball had, it appears as though Westhill will continue this tradition in the future.