Future Medical Professionals: Preparing Many For a Medical Future

Image by @westhill.fmp

By: Chidube Kalu

The Medical Industry is vital worldwide. Surgeons perform life-saving procedures, pediatricians ensure that children are healthy, dentists maintain our oral health and hygiene, and this list goes on. Medical professionals are in constant demand. Luckily, at Westhill, we’re training the next generation of doctors through the Future Medical Professionals. 

The Future Medical Professionals (FMP) club is an ever-growing group of Westhill students interested in getting into Medicine in the future. They meet every Tuesday in room 504, and they discuss a variety of medical-related topics.

 “We’ve done CPR, we’ve talked about nutrition, we’ve talked about stethoscopes, and we also gave some stethoscopes away,” Nouha Benhakki (‘23) said. Nouha Benhakki, a sophomore, is the co-president of the club at Westhill, along with Arleny Flores, a junior. 

“Once we also talked about different professions you could go into in the medical field,” she added.

Benhakki originally joined the club at the beginning of her Freshman Year. “I was listening to the announcements just to figure out if there was a club that I could join that really perked my interest, and I heard about FMP so I went to ask about it,” she said. “I was really passionate about what they did so I joined and then I ended up this year becoming a co-president.”

The Future Medical Professionals are also involved in the community. “One of our goals is to promote the health of the community. This year we had a toiletry drive and we donated all the items we received to the health center at Westhill. There are some people at Westhill who aren’t as fortunate, and they don’t end up telling people that. The health center provides the toiletries to whoever needs the help,”  Benhakki (‘25) said. 

Future Medical Professionals has an increasingly large presence in the Westhill Community for many people who wish to get into the medical field, but don’t necessarily know where to start. 

“People should join FMP because it’s a club that’s really open and you could end up talking to us about anything you would like to do and we would try and help you with doing that,” Nouha Benhakki (‘25) said.

 “There are so many students here that are passionate about public health and we help them find out what they’re good at and if they are interested in studying medicine. Many people who end up joining aren’t sure if they like medicine, but they know they like helping people. Medicine is what they end up pursuing, which is really nice.”