Daylight Savings Time: Do You Love It or Hate It?

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By: Jenna Cohen

Many people have mixed opinions regarding daylight savings time. Does losing an hour of sleep make us more tired or allow us to maximize our days? 

“I love that when I leave work at 6pm it’s not pitch black out, I actually feel less tired and more productive,” said Wiktoria Lesniak (‘23).

“When it’s lighter out in the evening it makes me so much more productive because I feel less sleepy,” said Mritikia Omkumar (‘25).

The sun setting around 7:30pm rather than 5pm gives people more time to get things done because they feel way more productive. Instead of wanting to curl up in bed, people are more motivated to keep on going with their day. 

Many teachers and students at Westhill agree it is very hard to get out of their beds in the morning when it’s dark out, as soon as the sun rises they are fine. 

“While the comfort of my bed makes it really hard to get my day started in the morning especially when it’s dark out, I am so much more productive in the evenings because of the extra hours of light,” said Natalia Znosko (‘23).

The promise of summer is also an advantage of daylight savings time. The weather is getting warmer and the sun starts setting later. It reminds people that there’s one final stretch of school left until summer.