Life Hacks: Studying for midterms

Color-coded planners can help students organize their study schedule into achievable steps // Photo courtesy of Micayla Roth / Online Executive Editor.

Midterm season is exceptionally daunting for many students; maybe it is the looming fear of failing, or maybe it is the stress of studying for many tests all at once. Tackling it all can be very tough, but a few small study hacks can change the way students handle midterms. 

An easy way to begin tackling studying is to make a detailed study plan; in other words…do not cram! Starting this plan early will give you time to block out time for different material and learn it well before midterms. 

To start, grab a planner or notebook and write down the dates leading up to midterms. Then, write down the class as a header and exactly what you need to study on that day under the class title. Remain very specific in order to ensure you study well. If you create an abstract plan, it will make it easier to procrastinate.

To incentivize your plan, add rewards for each time you study. For example, if you studied all of the units you needed to cover, after you finish, reward yourself by eating your favorite candy or watching an episode of your favorite TV show. 

Another study hack is to create associations between the information you are learning and another item. This could be done by spraying an unfamiliar scent such as a new perfume when you study and then spraying it again before you take your midterm. This association can help jog your memory for the test. You could also eat an unfamiliar food or gum flavor and eat or chew this before or during the test if allowed. 

“I always chew mint gum while I take tests and study. I find it helps me remember the content of what I was studying, especially on questions that I do not know the answers [to] right away,” Mia Labriola (’21) said.

Midterm season can be rough, but using some small hacks can make it a breeze.