Athlete of the Month: Tucker Healy (’21)

Photo courtesy of David Skaug / Contributor.

Tucker Healy (’21) has devoted himself to ice hockey for the past three years. He works non-stop to balance multiple AP courses, the struggles of junior year, and being a starting player for the Westhill-Stamford Varsity Boys Ice Hockey team. The Westword was thrilled to sit down with him to find out more about him, his everyday schedule on the ice, and the road to states. 

The Westword (TW): When did you first start playing hockey? 

Tucker Healy (TH): I started skating when I was just two years old, and at the age of four, I started playing organized hockey. I instantly fell in love with the sport and have not stopped playing ever since. 

TW: Why did you decide to try out for the Westhill-Stamford Ice Hockey team? 

TH: I decided to try out for the team because I love hockey and want to win a state championship, just like my brother and his team did back in 2016. There is really no other team I would rather be playing for than our school’s. 

TW: How does it feel to be a starting player for the past three years? 

TH: Starting anytime feels great. Hearing your name being called for the starting lineups, and being out for the first puck drop is a pretty surreal feeling. 

TW: How do you balance junior year with the demands of the sport? 

TH: It definitely is a struggle, at times, to balance both the demands of junior year and hockey at once. I do my best to be able to allot the needed time and effort to my schoolwork, while still meeting the demands for my team. 

TW: How does it feel to be named an assistant captain as a junior? 

TH: It is truly an honor to be named the assistant captain of the team as a junior. I know how important this role is, as I need to set an example for the underclassmen [and] represent and lead the team, something I am very proud to be doing. 

TW: How is the team doing this season? 

TH: This season, the team is looking very strong. We have started off the season on the right note and currently hold a 5-0 record*, which has led us to be one of the finalists for the Ruden Report Team of the Week. We are hungry to be competitive at states and even FCIAC this year. 

TW: How would you describe your relationship with your fellow teammates? 

TH: The relationships formed in hockey, similarly to other sports, really are something special. It is like a brotherhood that no one could take away from us and it is truly extraordinary to be a part of such a team where great friendships are formed. 

TW: Can you describe your position? 

TH: I play center, which is an important role to be able to play on both ends of the ice. I have to be able to contribute on the offensive end while also being responsible defensively. 

TW: Was there a student that graduated that you looked up to on the team? 

TH: Definitely my brother, Cooper Healy (’18), is someone I look up to. He really helped me out when I first started on the team as a freshman and I hope to get a ring, just like him. 

TW: How do you think the team will be next year? 

TH: Next year we will be losing a lot of our seniors but we will still have a good core returning in addition to the young talent coming in. By no means will we be out of it, and we will be looking to battle every game at a competitive level. 

*The team now holds a 6-2-1 record.