Tucker Healy runs his way down under

Photo contributed by Tucker Healy.

Tucker Healy (’21) was recently selected by Down Under Sports, a company that organizes international sports competitions between American high school students, to participate in two 5k races in Australia. The Westword sat down with him to find out more about his extraordinary accomplishment.

The Westword (TW): Why are you going to Australia?

Tucker Healy (TH): I was handpicked by the organization [Down Under Sports, because] they felt like I had the [right running times to] compete.

TW: When are you going?

TH: I am going on June 29th. I will be there for ten days.

TW: What will you be doing there?

TH: I will be running two 5ks and touring Australia. I will [also] be going to the Great Barrier Reef.

TW: What time, specifically, deemed you qualified to compete?

TH: Probably [the time] from my freshman FCIAC run. I ran a 5k in 17 minutes and 49 seconds.

TW: What have you been doing to prepare for the big races?

TH: I’ve been doing long runs and have been listening to [my] coach. I’ve been doing tempo runs and interval runs.

TW: Who will be going with you?

TH: It’s just going to be me.

TW: How did you raise funds for the trip?

TH: We put flyers in my neighbors’ [mailboxes] to [try to] collect cans that can be returned for 5 cents at the store. A lot of family and family friends have donated and I’ve [also] sold candy to help out.

TW: What are you most looking forward to?

TH: I’m most looking forward to the experience. I’m excited to see the land and see some animals. I’m also excited to meet people who share the same passion as me.

TW: Do you feel that you are prepared?

TH: I need to start training [more] when the hockey season ends. It will be fun to get back in shape for [the race]. I’m going to do what coach says to make sure I am able to run my fastest.