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TV Show: 13 Reasons Why

The teen-oriented drama series “13 Reasons Why” came to Netflix in late March of this year, but has already managed to attract a raging following from youth around the nation. The show has attracted so much of a following that less than a week after its release, it was greenlighted for a second season. At Westhill, students are giving in to the fervor as well. “It’s one of those shows where the anticipation over the episodes is so much that I just want to get to the end already!” says Nicole Somerstein (‘17), who is already halfway through the show and loving the suspense.

The series stars Dylan Minnette playing the role of Clay Jensen, a young man who is slowly uncovering the potential reasons why one of his classmates, Hannah Langford, decided to take her own life. The journey of this unraveling hails from Clay’s discovery of a mysterious set of tapes that have been delivered outside on his porch. “13 Reasons Why” is available for streaming on Netflix, and has received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike.

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Food: Mish Mosh

Students at Westhill cherish local eats, whether it be fast food at Reddi Rooster, breakfast at the Lakeside Diner, or a classic all-American burger at Lucky’s in Stamford’s downtown. Mish Mosh, however, has grown in popularity due to its unique meal offerings and student-friendly menu. Their menu includes a section called “Student Report Card” which provides classic on-the-go options such as wraps, burgers, hot dogs, and fries with names like “Honor Roll” and “4.0 GPA”.

The local market is also a frequent choice among Westhill students due to its accessible prices and convenient site, located only a few minutes away from school. “Mish Mosh is really close to school which makes it a great choice,” says Amanda Friedman (’18) who visits the market habitually. “The food is great, and its location makes it convenient,” says Friedman. Mish Mosh is located at 1034 Long Ridge Road and is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Visit their website to access their menu and see what all the buzz is about: