First time student voters share their excitement

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Most high school students are unable to vote, as they are under 18. However, there is a small portion of seniors who have turned 18 and are able to vote. Luke Graziano, Audrey Molina, and Eli Stockman weighed in on what it felt like to exercise their civic duty for the first time during midterm elections today.

The Westword (TW): Will you be voting in this election?

Luke Graziano (LG): Yes.

Audrey Molina (AM): Yes.

Eli Stockman (ES): Yes, I will be.

TW: Why did you decide to vote?

LG: I decided to vote because all the people around me and the media pushing voters to vote. Also, I am interested in politics and government.

AM: I decided to vote because I want to participate in our democracy and make sure my voice is heard. Also, this is a historic election, as there is the opportunity to turn political tides and I would like to be a part of that turn.

ES: I decided to vote because I want my voice to be heard and to exercise my right.

TW: Are you excited to vote for the first time?

LG: Yes, I am excited to vote for the first time.

AM: Yes, I am.

ES: I am very excited to vote for the first time and experience what it is like.

TW: What information did you use to cast your vote?

LG: The information that I used to inform my vote was local media sources and some website quizzes designed to help you inform your decision on who you want to vote for according to your political beliefs.

AM: There is a website called that gives you a sample ballot. I researched all the candidates on the ballot which helped me decide on who to vote for.

ES: I watched the news and read articles on the candidates.

TW: Do you believe that voting is important? Why?

LG: I believe that voting is important because [civilian] participation in government is a key factor in having a successful government that represents the majority opinion.

AM: Voting is important because it is the foundation of our democracy, and it is the way we make decisions and create policies that affect everybody.

ES: I think voting is incredibly important and anyone who can vote should because it is a privilege that a lot of other countries do not have.

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