Students walkout in support of Parkland

Yesterday's walkout drew support from students, teachers, and administration // Photo by Caitlin Covello.

At 10AM yesterday morning, students were called by building down to the field. The event was a part of the nation-wide walkout, sparked by the tragic events in Parkland, Florida last month. “Certainly, after the tragedy that took place in Parkland I responded emotionally. First as a parent but then as a principal,” said Principal Rinaldi. “ I am committed to making our school as safe as possible,” he continued.

Teachers were required to stay in class unless all students decided to go to the field. The walkout honored the 17 victims, as well as touched upon what students can do to get politically involved. “Seniors, midterm elections are this year and a majority of us will be able to vote,” said Sam Hamilton (’18). Hamilton played a large role in the student walkout. “Make sure your using your vote for people who prioritize the protection of students over all else,” she then continued.

Today was just the first of many walkouts. On March 24th, there will be a ‘March For Our Lives’ in Washington D.C., where citizens from across the country will demand to end the epidemic of mass shootings.

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