Students give their thoughts on midterms

Midterms have been underway since Thursday and students are anxious to find out whether they will do well on their exams or not. Exams were originally scheduled for Tuesday, January 16th, although with school being cancelled on the 4th and 5th due to snow, and with the delay on the 17th, midterms began on Thursday, January 18 and will end on Tuesday, the 23rd.

The sudden schedule changes resulted in varied feelings regarding midterms for staff and students. Some students wanted to get their exams over with, while others were pleased with the additional time to study. “I studied a lot for them and I feel that I’m ready for most of them,” said Emily Morales (’20). “Math is the hardest subject for me so I’m worried about that,” Morales continued. Usually there is at least one exam that each student dreads on taking because it is his or her least favorite or most difficult course. However, most students are required to take an exam for each class.

The only students who are possibly exempt from exams are seniors. Seniors are able to be exempt from some of their exams. If a senior’s grade in a class is above an 89.6, the student does not have to take the final.

“I’ve been studying every night, but I feel like the Physics and AP Psychology tests will be hard,” said Kyra Jance (’18). “It’s nice, though, that I don’t have to take the Human Behavior test because I have an A in that class,” she continued.

Being exempt from exams could possibly provide seniors more time to study for other tests that he or she is more stressed about. This exemption for seniors can create conflict for underclassmen as it leaves them some upset. Juniors, Sophomores, as well as Freshmenstill have to take the exam even if they have an 89.6. Some underclassmen feel that they should be entitled to the opportunity to be exempt as well. “To be honest, I think my midterms will be easy, but we should not have to take a final if we have more than the 89.6 percent,” said Frankie Larrosa (‘21).

Regardless of students’ opinions, the senior exemption rule will continue for this year. Midterms will come to and end on Tuesday, Janurary 23, and students will soon receive their grades.

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