Pipe burst displaces students and teachers

Students returned from the long weekend expecting a normal day of review for their midterms. Instead, students were welcomed by yellow tape blocking off hallways and classrooms in the 200’s, 100’s, and basement. A pipe burst had resulted in flooding. Students that had classes in the affected area were asked to go to the auditorium and were then redirected to available classrooms in other areas of the school.

“A pipe seemed to have frozen over the weekend and burst, flooding classrooms,” said Assistant Principal Mr. Rinaldi. The source of the cold is unknown, but is assumed to be because of a window that was left open over the weekend. “Building personnel are still going through classrooms and assessing damage,” said Assistant Principal Mr. Dunlap. It is still unclear how these damages will affect midterms or future day-to-day life for students and faculty members.

“All of the water looks gross and I’d imagine cleaning it all up might be distracting as well,” said David Mezias (’18).  “My day wasn’t as productive as it could have been due to the frequent classroom changes,” said Mezias.

We will continue to update this story when there is more information available.


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