Senior internships to start in May

Photo Courtesy of // The Stamford Government Center has helped create these internships for students.

Westhill Seniors have been offered an amazing opportunity to receive a pre-college job experience from the help of Michelle Lappas and the Government Center downtown. Seniors are able to apply for an interview and eventually an internship of their choice. Before choosing a position, the student must write an essay prompt, have a teacher recommend them, a professional resume, and  a certain GPA.

This entire process was created to help teach and prepare students for the working world. The interviewers sat and went through a series of questions, afterwards they provided feedback on both your communication skills and how your resume should be built. After a successful interview, students apply for their position of choice ranging from marketing companies to teacher aids at local elementary schools (students are allowed to apply for more than one position in case another student got your first position).

Having the interview with the creators of this program meant that students didn’t have to go to an interview with the company or business etc. That interview would determine if the student is fit for the job. The internship will begin for seniors after AP Exams on May 15th, and run for 4 weeks. Among that time period students are expected to have a total of 108 hours completed (approximately 30 hours a week). If students decided to not pick from the numerous job listings, they have the opportunity to “build their own internship”. This means all the same criteria applies however they have to make the connection and speak to whoever they would be working with to get approval.

“I plan on pursuing physical therapy in college and I knew about the ONS in Stamford. I am familiar with the practice and wanted to continue my experience there. I am so grateful that I was able to build my own internship with this program” said Jessica Rubin (‘17). Since students will be missing the majority of the fourth quarter, grades be frozen for the remainder of the year. Through this experience, students are meant to gain real life techniques both with communication and teamwork as well as technological skills. In today’s age, it is hard to keep up with the evolving workplace. By having students participate in something that will be challenging will be extremely beneficial.


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