Is Westhill Excited for Summer Break?

By: Jenna Cohen

Get ready Vikings, summer break is upon us! With this school year coming to an end, many people are full of excitement.

For many of our seniors, the last day of school was on May 12th. Most of them have left for internships and will be returning for graduation in mid-June.

The most common activity for this summer is work, especially for our upperclassmen.
“My summer plans are a combination of working at a summer camp and hanging out with friends!,” said senior Wiktoria Lesniak (23’).
“I will be working at a country club and enjoying my last summer before college,” said Natalia Znosko (23’)

Seniors like Znosko are using these next few months to relax before embarking on their post-high school plans. Even after the rigorous school year, the Vikings still put their energy into the things that matter.

Aside from the graduating senior class, the rest of Westhill is using their summer break to prepare for the next year and enjoy the months off. After a long year of standardized testing and college preparation, many juniors are using their summer to go on vacation and plan for senior year.

“Over the summer, I’ll be going to Europe to spend time with my cousins and play soccer,” said Dhruv Hill (24’)

Although they won’t be in school, our Vikings will still be working hard. It is nice to know that students will be kept busy over the two-month break.

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