Wednesday Addams

By: Mahathi Uppuluri

Wednesday Addams, the Tim Burton spinoff of the Addams Family show, has taken pop culture by storm. It debuted at the #1 spot on the Global Netflix Top 10 Weekly, reaching the first spot in 83 countries for the first week it was released during November 21 and November 27. The show has been well received by critics all over and amassed 341.2 million hours viewed in its first week, breaking the Netflix record for most viewed hours of a Netflix debut for an English-Language TV series. Tim Burton, who is widely known for his supernatural and gothic fantasy horror works, is the executive director and producer of the show. The main character of the show, Wednesday Addams, is played by rising horror actress Jenna Ortega.

Students at Westhill have embraced the show. “I liked it! I really like Jenna Ortega, and I only know her in kids shows like Disney. It was fun seeing her in something different and she portrayed Wednesday really well,” said Sophia Alexander (24’).

The show is centered on the daughter of the Addams family, Wednesday, as she navigates her life as a psychic teenager tasked with stopping a monstrous killing spree at Nevermore Academy. Prior to being at Nevermore, Addams was attending a public school before she got expelled for attempted murder as she tried to kill her brother’s bullies by throwing piranhas into their swimming pool. Her parents knew of her unique, sadistic nature and decided to enroll her at Nevermore, their alma mater, which is home to outcasts of society. At Nevermore, things don’t get any easier for Addams. She still struggles to fit in and becomes entangled in a 25 year old murdery mystery plot that previously entangled her parents and terrorized the local town.

This series is quite different from the previous rendition of The Addams Family, as the former was more focused on the uniqueness of the family while the latter is focused more on Wednesday solving the paranormal mysteries around her, so there is little screentime for the rest of the Addams family. Although Thing, Wednesday’s comical sidekick, assisted her throughout her adventures this season. “I think the show did a good job compared to the original because it gives us a new perspective on the family and it also includes references from the original,” said Yisleidi Reyes (‘24).

More notably, Wednesday doesn’t stand out as being unusual, or strange, from her peers like how she is depicted in the original movie. Some viewers have expressed distaste for this show, claiming that the original charm of the Addams Family is missing, and others have shared that it conveys a more grungy, dark interpretation of Wednesday Addams. Wednesday will be coming back for a second season. “I’m excited to see Jenna Ortega star in this show again for season 2. I know I’ll binge watch it when it comes out. Let’s see what new TikTok trend will come out with this coming season,” said Rebecca Calvilllo (24’).