Westhill Talk Spots

By: Maggie Denninger

Credits: Instagram @mylcatwhs

What are all these green dots around the school?

These dots, or “Talk Spots,” are a relatively new concept that have been welcomed into Stamford Public Schools as mental health started to become more focused on and talked about.  Talk Spots were implemented by the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council, or MYLC, a club at Westhill and AITE.

Talk spots are essentially exactly what they sound like–the green dots are located on the floor in front of doors leading to guidance offices and other rooms where students can access support staff. They signify specific areas where you can go to talk about mental health. 

On the walls neighboring the spots, there are posters that explain what the spots are for. The posters read “This is a Talk Spot. Talk Spots are locations in school where you can get mental health support.”  Olivia Thomas (‘26) was asked about her opinion on these spots and said that she thinks they’re very good for people who need someone to talk to about their issues.

“If they’re in school and they’re feeling really stressed they can go to where the dot is and they can talk to someone without having to call home,” Thomas said.

“I think it can be beneficial for students to have a visual sign to look for where they can get help or have a safe space to talk to someone,” Ms. Campos, a school social worker said. 

It is too early to determine the effectiveness of these spots for now, but it is clear that the spots serve as a symbol of awareness of mental health and that, whenever students need support in the building, there’s always someone who will listen.