Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council Feature

By: Kayla Williamson

The Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council (MYLC) is a student-run social activism club whose mission is to raise public awareness on mental health, suicide prevention, and sexual harassment. In an attempt to destigmatize these topics, MYLC aims to spread awareness and start conversations among the broader Stamford community. At Westhill, MYLC focuses on building a positive school culture and creating an environment where all voices are heard. We reject the association of mental health with shame and weakness and instead promote the power of seeking help.
MYLC sponsors several activities to distribute information regarding mental health and to provide support for students who are struggling. One recent event that Westhill MYLC spearheaded was the Talk Spots initiative, a district-wide project that highlights student mental health resources within Stamford Public Schools. Schools received lime-green floor decals known as TALK SPOTS which they placed at the entrance of accessible locations for professional mental health support. Among these are student-based health centers, nurses’, guidance counselors’, psychologists’, social workers’, and school resource officers’ offices. As we continue our efforts to provide safe learning environments for students and aid them throughout their educational careers, MYLC wants to spread this message: “There is no shame in reaching out for mental health support.”

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