Rolling Loud Remains Popular Among Students

By: Jairon Herrera

It’s been six years since the first Rolling Loud concert in smalltown Wynwood, where two young men started by holding concerts in a warehouse, later moving to their now home venue, Hard Rock Stadium. According to Forbes, Rolling Loud NYC 2021 held a total of at least 50 artists, three unique detailed stages, and an attendance of 200,000 people. Rolling Loud is now one of Hip Hops keystones, being the epicenter of all things considered rap. The event both introduced new and known artists to audience members, further growing the community. 

Although tickets cost a whopping $500 and the commute to the venue was close to an hour, students at Westhill High School did not let these factors prevent them from attending the three day concerts. Students attended in rather large groups to New York to witness such a pivotal event for 2021’s year of hip hop. The concert required them to miss out on two days of school, the 28th and 29th, yet there seemed to be no hesitation in this choice. 

“You should have just been there. Jairon bro, this was the peak of my year,” said Samuel Leone (‘22).

Students did not regret missing school, as they were able to make up the work they missed. Many students expressed that the memories made at the event surpassed the missed schoolwork.

“T’was a movie,” said Jovanny Ruiz (‘22).

Music is a big part of teenage life, it is one of the defining characteristics of young adulthood. In class, icebreakers almost always carry a question about music to help students find connections with one another. Rolling Loud opens greater possibilities of companionship and relations, making it hard to remain strangers with the people students meet there. Rolling Loud will continue to be Hip Hops most influential event, and students cannot wait to see what next year’s event holds in store for them.