Slay of the Month: Savannah Madar (’21)

Savannah Madar likes to portray a clean look and also shop consciously. // Photo by Savannah Madar / Contributor.

The Westword (TW): What type of clothes do you like to wear?

Savannah Madar (SM): I wear a lot of sweaters and boots. Typically, I like to wear interesting pants with basic tees to complete the look.

TW: What would you consider fancy?

SM: I consider long boots and a long black sweater fancy.

TW: Could you go over the cover photo in more detail?

SM: The leather jacket is kind of edgy so I paired the ripped jeans with it because the colors and styles match. The combat boots are an obvious fit since they are edgy and cool as well. Underneath the jacket is a plain black shirt to not contrast the pants or jacket in any way.

TW: Where do you shop for clothing?

SM: I shop mainly at Zara and thrift stores. I really like the styles offered in Zara and I love thrifting because it is sustainable.

TW: What are some of your favorite thrift store finds?

SM: In one of my best thrift hauls, I got the yellow shirt I was wearing with the black sweater from Goodwill. It is one of my favorite finds. Some of my other favorites are a purple collared sweater, a Tommy Hilfiger striped collared shirt, and a colorful Polo belt.

TW: Where do you get your inspiration for these unique matchups?

SM: I get inspiration from some TikTok fashion videos and mostly from my mom because she works in fashion and is always honest about how I look.

TW: What do you like to show in your style?

SM: I do not want to convey any one style. I like switching my looks up but I always try to look good and presentable.

TW: Is there a way that you want other people to see you?

SM: I always try to convey a clean image of myself and a nice first impression to those I do not know.

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