Westhill students step up to help Stamford community amid COVID-19 crisis

Student-run group Westhill Angels collected books to donate to the Children's Learning Center in Stamford to support child literacy during the pandemic // Photo courtesy of @whsangels.

During a stressful time in the Stamford community, multiple student-led groups step up to do their part to better the community. Puzzles with a Purpose and Westhill Angels are two such groups determined to make a positive impact.

Puzzles with a Purpose

Puzzles with a Purpose was founded by Brynn Spingola (’21) and Russell Moskowitz (’21). This group sells puzzles to fundraise for Inspirica, Inc., an organization that works to fight homelessness in Stamford and the surrounding Fairfield County. 

“We had prior knowledge about Inspirica, and we heard that they needed the help of our community now more than ever. As a result, we came up with the idea of designing and selling custom puzzles, as puzzles have become a very popular way to pass the time during quarantine,” Spingola said. 

The group designed a puzzle of a scenic view of Cove Island Park as a way to celebrate Stamford’s beauty. The photo used for the puzzle was one taken by Elaine Gubbins, a Stamford resident. The group is selling and delivering the puzzles to anyone in Stamford and the surrounding towns, but donations are always appreciated. Puzzles are being delivered and with proper protection, including gloves and masks. The forty-piece puzzles sell for $10 and proceeds go to helping break the cycle of homelessness with Inspirca. 

“We hope that by selling our custom puzzles and by donating the money to Inspirica we can help the Stamford community fight this virus!” Moskowitz said.

Anyone can get involved by purchasing a puzzle or donating here.

Westhill Angels

Another group doing their part to help the Stamford community is Westhill Angels, founded by Lorenzo Mazzara (’21), Talia Kunin (’21), Nate Cooper (’21), and Gaurov Bansal (’21). The group has grown to over 20 volunteers and over 150 donors and supporters. Currently, they are running a GoFundMe for Stamford Hospital that has raised almost $7,000 and a children’s book drive for Children’s Learning Center in Stamford. 

“The best way to get involved is to contact us through Instagram or Facebook, where we can add you to our group chat where all of our volunteers brainstorm ideas to best help the community,” Kunin said. 

“We started Westhill Angels to give back to the community in a time when it needs it most. If there is one thing everyone has right now it is spare time, and that time can be spent helping people keeping us safe or the people that need it most,” Cooper said. 

To learn more, visit their website or follow their Instagram @whsangels.

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