Holiday bazaar dazzles Westhill

Photo courtesy of Olivia Berni / Staff Writer.

The Holiday Bazaar was from 7:25 am to 11:08 am on November 28 in the Finch cafeteria. Teachers were able to sign their students up to attend the bazaar and browse the many gifts Mr. Temelini and Ms. Poyser’s entrepreneurship classes purchased.

Entrepreneurship students were offered a loan from their teachers, or they could fund their table with their own money.

Items for purchase varied, including speakers, gift cards, chargers, headphones, and many raffle opportunities.

“We sold stickers and [raffled off] a bunch of stuff like a Nike gift card, an XBox gift card, and a pair of Beats. I think it’s a great experience to have for entrepreneurship. It’s a great incentive because we get to keep the money we [earn],” Jackson Williams (’21) said.

Many students felt that the Bazaar was a great opportunity to learn real-life skills.

“We sold Nikes and raffle tickets. We learned marketing skills and how to be nice and patient as well as competitive,” said Fleurette Fleurissaint (’20).

The added incentive of being able to keep the money made at the Bazaar encouraged many students to work extra hard in order to make profits.