VIDEO: Should school have been delayed this morning?

Snow conditions in the Westhill parking lot improved a few hours into school // Photo by Josh Eimbinder.

Many students as well as select teachers were disappointed that Stamford Public Schools did not delay the opening of school two hours. Some felt that the conditions were too bad to be driving in, while others thought that it wasn’t bad. Local school systems in the surrounding area, such as New Canaan, Ridgefield, and Wilton were all delayed this morning.

“The roads were very slippery and it would’ve helped us drive more slowly,” said senior Marc Migden. “I came into school late, but they are forgiving on that because they know we should’ve had a delay,” Migden continued.

Security guard Elreatha Newton was disappointed in the decision. “They [Stamford Public Schools] need to watch the weather better then they do,” Newton said.

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