Students, teachers will face-off in basketball game

The holiday break is approaching and with it arrives a sense of spirit like no other. On December 22, freshmen and sophomores will have the opportunity to  go to the auditorium for trivia, while juniors and seniors will be brought to the gym to watch their peers play against faculty in a basketball game.

“The purpose is to foster school spirit and a sense of camaraderie,” said Ms. Taylor, who helped organize the basketball game. Ms. Taylor also mentioned that the event is an “upperclassmen privilege,” while the underclassmen enjoy a separate event in the auditorium.

Those who wish to participate in the basketball game must be in good standing. Students with no F’s on a report card, as well as students that have not broken the attendance policy will be able to play. Additionally, players must complete a form which has been sent to the student’s school emails. Winter athletes will be not allowed to participate, per coach’s orders. Throughout the duration of the game, teams must have at least two females on the court at all times. For those who wish coach a team, visit Ms. Taylor in room 418 for more information.

Students are excited about the basketball game, and look forward to attending the event. “I believe that the upcoming basketball game with select student and faculty will be enjoyable, and truly unite the Viking bond between both staff and students,” said senior Kimberly Holly.

“I am very excited, I want to see an event were students and faculty get to interact,” said sophomore Matthew Wint.

This event looks to be a positive send-off before the holidays. The Westword will present coverage as the game happens, as well as after a winner is crowned. 

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