Westhill hosts Noche Latina event

Photo courtesy of Justin Wooley // Westhill hosts Noche Latina event for Spanish speaking students and parents on March 9.

Spanish speaking parents and students gathered at Westhill for a cultural convocation on the night of Wednesday March 9. The event which brought together the families is called Noche Latina and takes place multiple times during the year.

The festivities began at 6:00 P.M. in the main lobby at Westhill. Students and their families filed in and were greeted by administration and members of Latino Ambassadors. Parents then signed up for any of the four workshops being offered. The workshops were centered around topics pertinent to the latino community, such as debunking the myths of deportation, parent connection with child, drug abuse and avenues for rehabilitation, and short jobs which could manifest into good careers. “The hope is to inform the parents on issues, which may be affecting them,” said guidance counselor Ms. Sanso.

Once registered for desired workshops families made their way to a wonderful food display in front of the large auditorium. Connecticut Students for a Dream, an organization that fights for the rights of latino students, had a table in front of the table and Tashi Sanchez- Llaury a representative manning the table comment on the importance of Noche Latina, “it is important for parents to understand the school and be aware of all of the resources available to them,” After the meet and greet was a cultural presentation in the auditorium . Following the presentation the workshops took place, which concluded the night.