Review: CBS’s Supergirl soars to great heights

Photo courtesy of // Supergirl impresses viewers with intense action and a compelling story about a strong female protagonist.

CBS’s smash hit Supergirl has been making the rounds with eager show watchers and comic book fans alike. Premiering October 26, 2015, Supergirl takes place in the DC universe following Kara Zor-El, cousin of the renowned Superman.

You’re whisked right into the action, as Kara and Superman flee Krypton. The macabre scene comes to a halt as Kara’s pod is flung into the Phantom Zone, an area of space where time ceases to exist. 24 years pass before the pod is discovered by Superman himself.

Flash forward to modern times, Kara has opted for a more quaint life working in the business world, rather than pursuing thrilling experiences of a superhero.  Although she enjoys her anonymous city life, Kara is soon forced to act when she sees a newscast detailing as a plane flight that is plummeting to earth, and fast.  Kara realizes that her sister Alex is one of the passengers on the compromised aircraft, and leaps into action in the hopes of saving her.

Revealing herself to the world and saving the flight, Kara is thrilled when she begins to witness footage of herself as a ‘mysterious flying woman’ appearing on news stations.  Alex is quick to remind her that while the rush of being publicly acknowledged for her accomplishment is exhilarating for the time being, giving up her private life may not be what Kara wants.  The plot thickens as a scheme is quickly devised by looming villains to rid the world of Kara. She is able to survive her first tribulation, but Kara is well-aware that this will not be the last attack from the group of ill-intentioned conspirators.

The allure of Supergirl is that it offers something familiar, the world of Superman, but with a unique twist.  Having a strong a female protagonist and superhero is refreshing, and provides a wonderful role model for young women who are typically underrepresented in the action world. However, the show’s biggest vice is that the show seems a bit too ordinary at times, doing very little to deviate from the myriad of comic book related shows and movies.  One could argue that the show only adds to what is becoming an endless sea of small and big screen superhero adaptions. With that being said, the show is action-packed and intriguing with it’s twist on a classic character.  Supergirl is definitely worth a watch if you have any interest in either Superman or DC comics.