LanD speaker series: Georgette Pascale

Photo courtesy of Ryan Murace // Speaker Georgette Pascale discusses her career in communications with LanD Crew members on February 26.

On February 26, Westhill’s LanD crew started it’s very own speaker series. Freshman Administrator Mr. Dunlap says,“The reason behind the motivational speakers coming is to help facilitate leadership skills in LanD Crew members so that they can become better mentors to the freshmen.” This is a great goal to set for students, since everyone needs help in becoming a more positive and inspiring role model for their younger peers.

The first speaker was Georgette Pascale, a fellow Connecticut native who attended FIT in New York. She later decided to pursue public relations for pharmaceuticals after a friend recommended the opportunity to her.  Surprisingly, she stuck with the career even though she went to school for fashion.

Pascale then moved to Pittsburgh and opened up her own PR firm, Pascale Communications, which was the first independently owned PR Health Firm.

During her brief lecture, Pascale reminded us that leadership is more than just a title, and is earned after years of hard work. She emphasized the fact that students must show initiative and put forth a great deal of effort to be called a true leader among their peers. Pascale even encouraged the audience to create profiles on LinkedIn so that they are better prepared for internships and job opportunities in the future. LinkedIn makes everything easier since it’s basically an online resume, compiling personal experiences in the field of one’s choice.

Hard work and experience got Pascale this far in her career running a PR firm.  Her key to success is interacting with patients, whether it’s through email or conference call, and gaining credibility in the media without cheesy sayings like, “We’re ranked number one.”

She states, “If you see someone you can help, help them because karma works out in a good way.” We can all apply this quote to our lives and look to take the initiative to aid others as we pursue our careers.