Westhill’s New Years Resolutions

Westhill students expressed many ambitious goals for 2022 in a form that was sent and collected by Annabelle Raz.

Some students had academic goals

I want…

To get straight A’s and B’s and enroll in at least one honors class

To improve on my time management

To be able to graduate from high school with good grades 

To turn in my homework on time, go to bed earlier, and manage my time better

To graduate from high school

While others pursued personal growth

I want…

To start exercising two times a week

To be a better person and work harder to achieve my goals

To be kinder to myself and get more sleep

To do 100 push-ups in a row!!

To eat proper meals 

To get my driver’s permit 

To make the basketball team next season

To become a better human being in all aspects of my life

To fulfill the last 17 New Year’s Resolutions

To not allow negativity from myself or others occupy my mental space

To not let anyone stop me from becoming the woman I want to become. To follow my dreams and have the motivation to accomplish the goals, big and small, in my life. 

To continue working hard and have large time drops in swimming

And others focused on enjoying every moment

I want…

To get rid of negative energy

To get better grades, have fun, make memories, and make money

To be happy

To put all the bad stuff behind me and start a new beginning

To spend more time with family and friends living our best lives

To eliminate toxic thoughts & toxic people from my life

To make my mom happy

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