Slay of the Month: JT Minnick (’21)

Photo contributed by JT Minnick ('21).

The Westword: What do you think is most influential to your style?

Jonathan Thomas Minnick: Oh God, probably social media… and like, school, lowkey, on the lowest of keys, just from my friends.

TW: Why is school the “lowest of keys?” Elaborate a bit?

JTM: It is not like the best place to find fashion. You can find some stuff there, from my friends you know, seeing what other people wear. If something looks nice, I will take that into note, and the next time I go shopping I will look for stuff or see whatever pops into my head.

TW: Which brings me to my next question, where do you normally shop for your clothes?

JTM: I get all my jeans from American Eagle, because I love that brand, and I just like their jeans, honestly. It is like the only clothing of substance or value I guess, you can say that I have, the only brand that I really enjoy. I go to the mall a lot with my friends, and only one of my friends is really into fashion, and then that is the person that I will shop with a lot… we kind of like feed off each other for style and stuff, like I will pick out his outfits sometimes, and he will pick out my outfits.

TW: Elaborate a little bit more about your friend Devon and how you guys influence each other’s styles 

JTM: We both kinda know how to dress I guess you could say… We just play off each other and whatever looks good on each other. We also both like collaborating… [one time he said] “Dude, just do something so simple, look at a color wheel,” and then I looked at a color wheel and I was like, complementary colors, that’s it, that goes with that!

TW: Wear colors that match.

JTM: Not even colors that match, colors that are complementary to each other, stuff that looks good, it does not even have to match.

TW: What words would you use to describe your style?

JTM: Freeform, I guess would be one way to describe it. I just wear whatever I think looks good.

TW: Do you think you care more about comfort or more about appearance? Or do you take a little bit of both?

JTM: Probably more appearance, because sometimes you have got to look good, and it is not always the most comfortable. But hey like I am no sucker for comfort, and like I like these moccasins I am wearing right now and they are so comfortable, and I wanted to wear them and I was like, “Okay, let’s make them look good with something.”

TW: So then you got the jeans, you got the jacket.

JTM: Yeah, it is not the best, but like, it works.

TW: Perfect, is there anything else you would like to add? Any final comments about your style?

JTM: I guess if I had to say a word of advice about style, I guess it would be to dress how you want to dress; dress how you want to present yourself. It is a first impression, and it is not something that people can know you by, but that good first impression is something people can associate you with. 

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