Westhill debuts new student-designed sports website

Recently, the Westhill Athletics website was revamped. Westhillathletics.org displays upcoming events, score records of each team, and the dates of past and future games. Westhill student Mason Perkins (’19) developed this website for all the athletes and fans at Westhill. Recently, she sat down with The Westword to discuss the refurbished website.

The Westword (TW): What was your reasoning behind making the website?

Mason Perkins (MP): I was in Mr. Sarkar’s class, and he asked if anyone was interested in helping Coach Cerone re-do the athletics website. I thought that [it] would be a great opportunity to be more involved in our school and create something of public [use] for our students.

TW: What was your process like while creating the website?

MP: Initially, I set up the home page to display important information and to [show] a complete overview of the website. Then, I moved on to formatting the pages for each sport. This was fairly easy, but tedious, as each page was the same. I linked our calendar to the one provided by CIAC and finished by adding the social media accounts.

TW: Did anyone help you creatively or developmentally when creating the website?

MP: I set it up by myself. Coach Cerone and I collaborated on the format and content on the website. He gave me a general idea of what he wanted, I set it up and from there we made changes.

TW: How long did creating the website and finalizing everything take?

MP: Between school, my job, and other activities I am part of, it took about two months to set up the website. The process took a lot of time overall, but it was well worth creatively constructing something productive for our school.

TW: How does all of this benefit you as an individual?

MP: This will definitely benefit me as a person, and as a student of Westhill. Not only is it resume building, but I got to do something for our school. Giving back is important, it was nice to be able to give back to the athletic department.

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