Westhill announces Strategic Student Engagement Initiative

Principal Rinaldi gives his presentation on the Strategic Student Engagement Initiative // Photo courtesy of Noah Klein.

After School on Wednesday, May 2, Principal Rinaldi gave a presentation at a full faculty meeting. The presentation discussed the Strategic Student Engagement Initiative, a plan that aligns with the start of a new NEASC cycle and will look to implement ideas in Westhill’s Core Values. Rinaldi’s initiative was dated to begin in Spring 2018, which essentially means immediately. The plan describes that all professional educators have a duty to make sure that students are engaged in the classroom. “It is our responsibility to work and engage learners.” Rinaldi said. A large speaking point in the presentation was the transparency in Rinaldi’s vision for the school. “It is very positive to have a clear understanding of your principal’s vision for the school, it is really helpful and should trickle down within a team” said Mrs. Sansone, Senior Class Advisor/Business Educator. Principal Rinaldi also touched on the importance of student voice “Kids need to be heard, every single one of them, they are our customers.” Said Rinaldi.  Nikki Newcomer (‘17) was invited to the staff meeting as Junior Class President “It was amazing to see how passionate Principal Rinaldi is about his work.” Said Newcomer. The Strategic Student Engagement Initiative is set to be rolled out soon. It is Rinaldi’s hope that it will have an impact on both the culture and success of Westhill.

A complete article detailing the roll out of the plan will come as more specifics become clear.


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