Tips to survive your Black Friday

Photo courtesy of Stan Honda // Millions of Americans head out to shop on Black Friday to get the best deals possible.

Family gatherings, sharing of food, and the overall loving feel of Thanksgiving melts into destroyed aisles, alarms blaring, and people fighting over what little items they can find. I am describing the one and only Black Friday. It’s notoriously been the day after people come together and say thanks for what they have, to go to a local retailer and fight for the hottest items on sale. It is a dangerous time to be unprepared, here are eight tips to get you through this Black Friday.

  1. Don’t forget the tent. The best products go extremely early, so if you want to get that Iphone X on sale, you should arrive to the store before opening and pitch a tent in front of the store to ensure you get the item you want.
  2. Know the store. Do some reconnaissance on the store you plan on shopping at. This way you know exactly where your items will be.
  3. Have a list. Always have a list ready of what you need. This list will keep you on track and will get you out of there in ASAP!
  4. Be in a group. The more hands you have the better the chance you have of grabbing what you want (plus you have back up in a fight!)
  5. Dress for the occasion. Lose the high heels or crocs as running shoes and forget the canes and walkers at home. Be ready to move and make sure you are wearing stretchy clothing.
  6. Don’t go for the hot item. The biggest items of the year are going to have the biggest groups around it and will be the hardest to get. Try and buy your smaller items in the store and buy the big ticket items online.
  7. Bagging your items. Bring your own bags. They are less likely to tear and spill all of your expensive presents. Spilled goods are free to the people that find them on the ground.
  8. The getaway car. The car you have must be reliable to get you out of the shopping war zone.

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