Stocks and Finance Club hosts Ping Pong tournament

Students look on as their peers prepare to play in a Ping Pong match // Photo by Josh Eimbinder

Today, the Stocks and Finance Club hosted its annual Ping Pong tournament. Although it was on hiatus last year, the club revived the tournament again for this year. Students who paid $5 were allowed to play and put into a carefully designed bracket system. Participants played friends, as well as kids they had never spoken to before.

The first student to reach 11 points would move on to the next round. Games were loud, and the support was tremendous. “I was a little bit nervous, but the atmosphere benefited me in a way because they were cheering for me,” said senior Dominic Echeverria. ” There should be more events like this, and it would help with fundraising,” he continued.

Another participant, Jaret Chase, also had only positive things to add. “I just enjoyed showing up, seeing how far I could get in the tournament,” said Chase. “I would love to see it return to Westhill again next year.” Westhill alumni from previous years also competed in the event. It was a good way to see old friends and have a good time.



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