Westhill fashion show dazzles once again

Photo Courtesy of Ewa Misiak // Students walk down the stage at the WHS Fashion Show.

Beautiful, dazzling gowns swaying to the luminescence of the stage lights. Elegant tuxedos adorned with cufflinks and fine shoes. This is just a glimpse of the 2017 fashion show that took place in the Westhill auditorium on Thursday, March 30th.

The show was supplemented with commentary from Westhill seniors Gil Daniels and Nick Smeriglio. A dance troupe opened for Act I, which consisted of many gorgeously-dressed Westhill girls modeling dresses from Lord & Taylor’s, as well as their male counterparts modeling suits from Zimo’s. Act II, which premiered after an enacted scene from the Spring Musical Guys & Dolls and a performance from the Westhill chamber singers directed by Mr. Curry, featured more boys in suits from Zimo’s and girls modeling dresses from A Step Ahead.

The entire event was organized by Rachel Fein, a member of the student council. Rachel worked extremely hard to put the event together, which was normally organized by the PTO. The fashion show was an outstanding success, and the vast majority of the audience was filled.

“My boyfriend looked great in a three hundred dollar suit,” comments Sam Greenberg (‘17). The various models participating in the show were accompanied with whoops and cheers as they displayed their dresses.

“The PTO, Parent Teacher Organization, has run the Westhill Fashion Show for the past several years to raise money for the senior after prom event. This year, the PTO found another, more efficient way to raise the funds for our after prom, so the fashion show was offered to the students. Essentially, if the students wanted to put on the fashion show they could, otherwise it wouldn’t happen. After speaking to a bunch of seniors, Nova and I noticed the demand for the continuation of the fashion show. So the two of us, along with the help of the Class of 2017 student council, decided to take on the management of the fashion show. Being that we didn’t know we could even have a fashion show until mid-February, we were a bit behind on reserving local shops to provide clothing. But we managed to get Zemo Men’s Store, A Step Ahead, and Lord & Taylor on board. These stores are generously providing us with formal wear to be modeled by our seniors. These were two significant changes this year – only have formal wear and senior models. This allows seniors to participate in this event for the last time, and this is a great fundraising opportunity to decrease the cost of their prom tickets,” explains Rachel Feine (‘17).

All in all, the fashion show was a great financial and recreational success, and the general amicable feelings between all the models really contributed to the overall excitement of the event.

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