Stamford’s trendy stores and restaurants

Photo courtesy of // Buffalo Wild Wings is a popular eatery in stamford.

Around Stamford, there are quite a few stores that attract many people from all ages to come and enjoy their time. One of the most popular stores that everyone loves to go to, especially the tech savvy people is the Apple Store located in the Stamford Town Center. With iPhones, iPods, iMacs, iPads, and Macbooks lining the stands in the store, many teenagers and children come in to enjoy the opportunity to play around with the newest gadgets. Many people also come in for Apple Support whenever they are having trouble with their products which is very efficient and helpful.

One of the most family friendly restaurants that is located in downtown Stamford is Buffalo Wild Wings. You are greeted with a great family atmosphere and music, as well as TVs scattered around the establishment that entertains the kids and even the adults. The staff at Buffalo Wild Wings is also mentioned to be very friendly which definitely attracts more and more customers into the eatery. Combined with great food, low prices and a wonderful atmosphere for people all ages, Buffalo Wild Wings is a definite must when finding somewhere to eat.

Another store located in the Stamford Town Center that will surely attract an audience of an older age, specifically teens, would be Forever 21. The trendy store has a wide range of trendy clothes that can fit every woman and man’s fashion sense. The prices in the store are very reasonable and aren’t too expensive or too cheap. Forever 21 also offers many deals throughout the year so that people can save as much money as possible and get more clothes out of it. Forever 21 sells things in addition to their fashion forward clothing such as shoes, makeup, and accessories including necklaces, bracelets, hats, scarves, and bags. One recent addition to Forever 21 is t the plus-size section, proving how this up to date store caters to people of all shapes and sizes.

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