OPINION: Is it important to prompose?

Photo Courtesy of Maddy Cohen // Promposal season is upon us!
Prom season is upon us and that means it’s time for ‘promposals’. Promposals are the latest trend in teen romance. Essentially, teens will ask each other out to prom by using elaborate and dramatic methods. This includes buying gifts, making signs, and generally going above and beyond for exactly one night.
Sure, some promposals can be thoughtful, charming, or heartwarming. They can essentially teach teens how to take healthy risks and nurture their romantic side in our era. Many students even enjoy the clever ways that people ask each other out to prom. “I think that promposals are really romantic, but just a little cheesy. It’s clever when they come up with new ones, but overall it’s so sweet and adorable to watch,” said Jayanne Perkins, a Westhill High School senior.
On average, teens spend around $900 on their prom experience, which is down a little since last year. Yet, teens have increasingly begun to think that they need to create unique promposals to ask someone to prom. The hard part is to get the nerve to ask someone out and risk a no. Sometimes you settle and ask a friend rather than the one your really want to go to prom. The choice is yours. Be daring ask the one you want the worst is a no.  The average household spends around $300 on just the promposal.  Seems like a lot to spend on the proposal and you haven’t even gone anywhere yet.
“Asking someone to prom is different for each pair, some people are more outgoing than others, which is understandable, but I don’t think any teenager is in the financial position to pay $300,” said Nick Bellantoni, a Westhill High School Junior.
While each persons socioeconomic lifestyle may be different, we can all infer where the majority of teens money is coming from to pay for prom. It would be a safe bet to assume the money is coming from your parents. This could mean that some households with more than one high school student are paying for multiple promposals simultaneously.
Sure, some teens have part-time jobs, but do teenagers have enough self-control to save their money? That’s a personal question that they’ll have to ask themselves. “I think if a promposal is done by the right person it’s romantic, but it doesn’t seem necessary to me to spend such huge amounts on the money when a lot of people have to pay for college next year,” said Sebastian Padilla, a Westhill High School senior.
Nevertheless, when you get the nerve to ask someone out to the prom whether, with homemade cookies or an elaborate flash mob, promposals are the first step in preparing for prom.  Take the risk ask the one you really want to with and make it count.

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