Athletic programs increase fundraising with Snap-Raise

Snap-Raise is a resource for high school sport programs looking to raise funds for their teams. Westhill's lacrosse and basketball teams have taken advantage of this new method of fundraising.
If you have ever been part of a high school sports team, club, or organization, then you know how important it is to fundraise.  Fundraising allows teams to buy the proper uniforms, equipment, and materials in order to succeed.  Unfortunately, fundraising can sometimes be awkward for participating student.  Often times, teams and organizations are forced to sell products that they don’t even like, and feel uncomfortable approaching friends or teachers about possibly buying something.
Many of the athletic teams at Westhill have focused their efforts on a new way to fundraise. This year, the basketball and lacrosse team have been using a company called Snap-Raise as their primary source of fundraising.  Snap-Raise is a new and unique way to raise money for your team.  Instead of being pressured to sell products that most people don’t necessarily want, Snap-Raise enables an athlete to send a simple email to as many people as they want, encouraging that person to donate money to their team.  The person can than click the link in the email and it will redirect them to the team’s page on Snap-Raise.
However, just an email is not enough to make a person want to donate.  So in addition, Snap-Raise helps teams put together a video that explains who they are and how the money will be used.  One day during a basketball practice, an employee from Snap-Raise came to the gym and helped the team with the video.  The whole team sat together in rows and he had select individuals read off a card saying what Snap-Raise was and why the team needed help.  At the end of the video, the whole team huddled up and did their chant.  The concept of having a video of the team on their Snap-Raise page creates for a more personal experience when people visit the website to donate money.  They will feel more comfortable donating when they see the faces of the players they are supporting.
The lacrosse team alone has raised a total of $7,265 through Snap-Raise, with 122 supporters.  The money the team raised will go towards paying some of the coaches who have not been being paid, equipment, and also summer camps that teach younger kids the game.
Snap-Raise is becoming the new and better way that teams cultivate money.  It’s easy and based on the success that Westhill teams have had using it, it works.  No longer do players or members have to go through that awkward stage of trying to sell a product that they or the recipient doesn’t like.  Instead with some simple emails and a video, teams can raise thousands of dollars.

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