Opinion: Considering a school-wide late work policy

Students have many responsibilities they need to prioritize on a daily basis. Although education should always be one’s first priority, there are many other challenges and setbacks that might affect a student’s ability to handle their heavy workload. Due to this I feel having a school wide late work policy is a good idea.

Having a late work policy can benefit everyone, especially in instances when students are not in school because they are sick or have other obligations. For example, students should be given a standard late work policy for when they are tutoring kids at Roxbury Elementary School so they know what work they need to make up.

 “Students are constantly missing school due to being sick, vacations, or personal reasons. Sometimes it’s extremely hard to make up all of the work at once, especially if you’re taking an AP course,” junior Lily Costantini said.

Having a late work policy will inform kids from the start how long they have to hand an assignment in late a before they loose points. If there was a school wide policy for late work it would cause a lot less confusion and unnecessary tension between students and teachers.   

  “Teachers and students will be more organized if a late work policy was put in,” senior Monique Barbosa said.

Not only do students have a heavy workload, but so do teachers. It would be easier for correcting papers if there was a set of rules students had to follow. Instead of students handing in work whenever they want and teachers having to deal with going back and grading old work, students would end up handing assignments in more on time. The result in having a school wide late work policy will be helpful to everyone and will for sure be a change for the better.

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