NFL’s controversial move to Los Angeles

Photo courtesy of Manica Architecture // A rendering of the new NFL stadium in Los Angeles.

Yesterday, the NFL announced that for the first time since 1995, an NFL team would be playing in Los Angeles. Officials believe that, along with the Rams, that the San Diego Chargers will make the move to the City of Angels. 30 of 32 NFL owners voted in agreement with the plan to build a new stadium in Inglewood. This will not be the first time 2 teams will be sharing one stadium; the Giants and Jets share Metlife Stadium – and they share it just fine.

The teams will most likely play at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, home of the USC Trojans, until 2019, when the new 2.6 billion dollar stadium opens. The Coliseum holds 93,607 people – more than average NFL stadium. Fans believe that the Rams name will stay, but the Chargers name may leave, despite their iconic logo and color scheme that has captivated the league for years.

The official NFL fee to move a team is 550 million dollars- which will most likely be paid over a 10 year span. Both teams are sure to draw fans, but many predict the Rams may prove more popular than the Chargers. “I like the move. St. Louis had poor attendance, and poor fan support, so this is the right move for the league,” said sophomore Stanley Villard.

“The move is great, but I hope there can be a winning team there. No winning team, no fun.” said sophomore Dan Sachs.

St. Louis worked to build a new stadium for the Rams last year, but the city decided not to put up the money that was needed. This prompted owner Stan Kroeke to take action, like any good owner should.

The Raiders are another team that might relocate in the future.  Many speculate that they’ll make their move to Canada, seeing as they came in third to St. Louis and San Diego in the bid for the two spots in LA. When will their move happen? Only time will tell.

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