DIY Mason Jar Leaf Lamp

Here is an example of a mason jar lamp, though this one doesn't have a leaf on it.

Looking for fall inspired decor?  You’ve come to the right place! I found this DIY craft project one online recently for those looking to create their own colorful jar lamps. It’s pretty popular, and for those of us on a budget, this project is also really cheap. So here are the instructions for making your own beautiful mason jar leaf light.

All you need for this is:
• A few mason jars (depending how many you want to make)
Mod Podge
• A sponge brush
Leaves (You can use either real or fake ones. If you decide to use real ones, they can’t be too stiff. However, fake leaves are preferable. They’ll stick to the jar better)
• Either Rafia, or ribbon.

Before you start, make sure your jar is clean. You also might want to dampen the leaves a bit. This just makes them easier to bend around the jar.

Now, you can begin;
• First, spread a thin layer of mod podge over an area of the jar. Then you can place the leaf.
• Smooth it against the jar, spread some mod podge over it to smooth it out.
• Make sure to paint over the edges, smooth the leaf against the jar.
• Don’t panic if it isn’t smooth. You may have to apply a few layers for it to flatten out
• You’ll probably need to use your fingers to help press the leaf down.
• Now you just repeat this on the rest of the jar. Remember to layer the leaves
• It’s ok to leave some space between leaves.
• And finally remember, your leaves may not stay perfectly flat against the jar. This is okay. That gives it a more realistic look.
• Once you finish putting the leaves on, you can add the final touch. Tie a bow around the top of the jar, using whatever material you prefer. (This is optional).

Now put a candle in your jar, and you’ve got yourself a perfect autumn lamp. This project is low in cost and extremely time efficient. Go ahead and try it!



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