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Opinion: Students should be rewarded for perfect attendance

There are very few students who have perfect attendance for the whole school year; it’s even rare for students to have perfect attendence in a quarter. Should the few who do attain perfect attendance get rewarded?

Having perfect attendence is tough. It’s more than likely that sometime in the school year students will become sick, have a family event, or face some other type of emergency. Would it be better to encourage kids to go school when they’re sick? They could get other students infected. Many students would go to school no matter how sick they are if that includes some kind of big reward at the end of the year.

Many Westhill students do not agree with rewarding perfect attendance. “It shouldn’t be rewarded. It will only make me feel bad because I know I’m not going to be able to do it,” junior Kaye Acosta said.

“I don’t think it’s important for students to get rewarded for perfect attendance ¬†because it’s not that important. If you want to reward somebody for something, they should be rewarded for good grades all year, or good grades for the first two quarters, but not something as unimportant as attendance, because everyone’s going to miss one day,” sophomore Tatyana Geneste said.

Rewarding perfect attendance is an unfair thing to do. Students should be rewarded for good grades, community service, and other positive activities instead. Having perfect attendance doesn’t mean you’re a great student. The smartest and most motivated kids in class might be absent a few times, but that doesn’t make them bad students.

Rewarding for perfect attendance might help others to come to school who aren’t that motivated, but you won’t be rewarding the students who have worked the hardest throughout the year. The reward would just be given out to kids who showed up at school. That doesn’t mean those students showed up to learn or even showed up with their homework – they just showed up. That is why perfect attendance shouldn’t be rewarded.

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