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Lebron James and Jimmy Butler go head to head as they fight for a championship title // Image courtesy of

As we head into October, the sports world is buzzing with excitement. The National Basketball Association (NBA) finals have arrived, as the Miami Heat take on the Los Angeles Lakers.

This will be an exciting matchup as Lebron James looks to lead the Lakers to their franchise’s 17th championship and to his 4th championship. Meanwhile, his opponent, Jimmy Butler, looks to lead the Heat to their franchise’s 4th championship.

The Heat are a very young and talented team. They have been the underdogs of the NBA playoffs but have proven the world wrong many times. They are being led by their All-Star guard Jimmy Butler and their All-Star center Bam Adebayo. These two players have helped the Heat defeat the Indiana Pacers, Milwaukee Bucks, and the Boston Celtics. The Heat entered the season with a 60-1 chance of winning the championship. Now they have the chance to win four more games and complete the Cinderella story.

But the job is not done yet as Lebron James will give his all to bring home a championship to Los Angeles and be the third NBA player to ever win a championship with three different teams. Lebron has teamed up with All-Star forward Anthony Davis and they became the powerhouse of the Western Conference. They have wiped out the Portland Trailblazers, Houston Rockets, and the Denver Nuggets. Now they look to keep up their dominance and win four games against the Miami Heat in what will be some exciting NBA finals.

Moving on from basketball, the football season has kicked off, and sports fans cannot be happier. With Covid-19 shutting down the sports world for a period of time, this football season brings a bit of joy back to the fans.

So far in football, we have seen some amazing plays from stars around the league. The two stars who have been putting on a show so far are Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, and Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. Mahomes in just three games has thrown 898 yards with nine touchdowns and has run an 80 yard touchdown. He has yet to turn over the ball as he led his team to a solid 3-0 start and is making an excellent case for MVP. Now, moving on to Russell Wilson. Wilson has thrown 925 yards and 14 touchdowns and has 90 yards rushing. He has thrown one interception, but has led his team to a strong 3-0 start and is also making a solid case for MVP. So far, the 2020 football season has been everything football fans have been asking for and we cannot wait for more.

Russell Wilson looking for an open man downfield  // Photo courtesy of

Editor’s note: At the time of this writing, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat were still competing for the championship title. However, on October 11, the Lakers (4-2) beat the Heat (2-4) and won the NBA championship with a dominant performance in Game 6.

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