Entertainment industry adapts to social distancing, brings an escape to our homes

With most people stuck at home, many have turned to streaming services for a source of entertainment and mental escape from the crisis // Image courtesy of piqsels.com.

During this time of hopelessness, isolation, and loss, movies, music, and television shows can bring families together. Social distancing is the new normal. Staying home with your immediate family can prove to be both positive and negative. Movies, music and television shows can be a constant way to bring people together and ease your mind of the craziness going on in today’s world. However, you cannot and should not watch the news 24 hours a day because this can bring on tremendous stress and anxiety. 

Thankfully, during this isolation period, social networks are releasing new and exciting entertainment for families who are adjusting to being at home all or most of the time. Some movies scheduled to hit theaters are being released early and going straight to television. Celebrities are doing live performances from their homes and new music and podcasts are continually available to stream.  

What better way to enjoy this down time then by snuggling up, microwaving popcorn, and watching a good movie or television show? Since movie theaters are closed, you have the availability to watch new releases in the comfort of your own home. According to Entertainment Tonight, Universal Pictures has an abundance of brand new films available ranging from thrillers and mysteries to comedies and family fun, including The Hunt, The Invisible Man and Trolls World Tour. Disney+ has also recently released new and exciting movies: Frozen II, Onward and Artemis Fowl are available before the dates they were supposed to be released, according to tvguide.com.

“My family and I have already watched Frozen II and Onward as soon as they came out.  I was so happy because we had planned on going to the theater to see them but now I was able to watch it in the comfort of my home,” Danya Taub (’21) said.  

Other brand new releases that you are able to watch are Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker, Emma and Birds of Prey, among others

Due to the numerous venues and bars being closed across the country, people do not have the ability to go to concerts to see live performances. However, some artists have decided to change this by setting up livestreams and entertaining their audiences in the comfort of their own homes. Musical artists such as John Legend, Diplo, Ben Gibbard, Dave Matthews and H.E.R are performing at home concerts for their fans. 

During this time of discouragement and anxiety, music is always a great way to relax, let loose and escape from reality. Celebrities are also trying to entertain fans while in quarantine with different stories, guest stars, cooking tips and comedy. Miley Cyrus has gone above and beyond when helping to entertain and spread joy to her fans. Every Monday through Friday on Cyrus’s Instagram live, she does a mini-talk show called “Bright Minded” to remind everyone to stay positive and to enjoy this time. She adds a little comedy by bringing special guest entertainers from her Disney days like Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Reese Witherspoon and Hillary Duff to share stories.

“I join Miley’s [livestreams] a few times a week because I love her and she is so funny and always brightens my day,” Yael Roll (’20) said. 

Other celebrities like John Krasinki, Oprah Winfrey, John Mayer, and Chris Harrison are using this time to spread positivity and help people cope with their feelings. They let you know that it is okay to be scared and they offer hope and encouragement while living in this new and strange coronavirus era.

It has been a very difficult few weeks, but with the help of these entertainment platforms, we can feel a little bit better about the situation we are currently facing and ease our minds.

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