CON: Reopening the economy and the return to “normal”

A group of Ohio residents choose not to abide by social distancing guidelines in order to protest the shutdown // Image courtesy of

This week, we are exploring the pros and cons of the return of business and daily activities. Check back soon to read about the pros.

There have been debates from all over discussing how and when society should return to “normal” after the coronavirus pandemic took hold, yet re-opening in Connecticut should be put on hold. No matter what we do, the virus is still spreading, and we could be at risk for a second and third wave of this virus depending on precautions taken, according to science and technology website cnet.

People are going through a lot right now in their homes, and re-opening too soon would “potentially force them to choose between their livelihoods and their lives.” It is not an easy decision at all, especially because it will be hard for people that lost their jobs to find new ones. Everyone is scared and will be scared, so waiting until there is no sign of this pandemic is the best option.

The virus is still relatively new and scientists say there is still nowhere near the amount of testing to re-open the economy. According to Boston Globe Media’s health-based news website STAT, “More than half of U.S states will have to significantly step up their Covid-19 testing to even consider starting to relax stay-at-home orders after May 1, according to a new analysis by Harvard researchers and STAT,” meaning that production of millions of tests per day for hospitals, towns, and cities is crucial.

It is a huge risk to reopen early because there could be a resurgence of COVID-19 cases, which could send the economy back into a harsher lockdown. Many companies do not have the money to cushion against a second slowdown, and that will reduce the confidence of individuals and businesses, which is essential to an economic bounce-back. Some governors want to get up and start working again, not even realizing some states are not prepared despite the possibility of more deaths. According to business magazine Fortune, “seventeen states didn’t meet a key benchmark set by the White House for beginning to reopen businesses: A 14-day downward trajectory in new cases or positive test rates,” further proving that many states are not taking this seriously enough. These states need to wait in order to keep their virus spread from progressing. 

The idea that society could return back to the way it was is unreasonable because there is so much unknown moving forward. There are so many protests going on as well, with people broadcasting messages such as “Re-open churches!” and “Don’t let the masks silence you!” These protests are not going to do much other than make people more upset. COVID-19 is not a lie nor a hoax. People are scared and they have a right to be, but we can not just let everyone act like everything is safe when it is not at all. Everyone, including children and not limited to the elderly, can be affected. 

The world right now is at a low point; we need to stay at home, implement social distancing, and wear our masks until cases are lower and the prospect of a vaccine to keep people safe becomes more realistic. 

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