Slay of the month: Lexi Schultz (’20)

This month, The Westword sat down with Lexi Schultz (’20) to discuss her unique style. In addition to working at Fifi & Bella, Schultz has created her own business making and selling Westhill and college shirts.

The Westword: What do you think is most influential to your style?

Lexi Schultz: Seeing outfits in social media from celebrities and influencers definitely has an impact on my style.

TW: Are there any influencers in particular that influence your style?

LS: People like Madison Beer, Emma Chamberlain, and other models similar to that style [influence me].

TW: Where do you normally shop for your clothes?

LS: I work at FiFi & Bella, which is a boutique in Greenwich, so I do some shopping there. Also I shop at Havana Jeans in Stamford. I also try to find not necessarily original pieces, but pieces not many people have at thrift shops and on sites like depop and Poshmark.

TW: What words would you use to describe your style?

LS: I will say “all over the place.” My style varies from day to day. One day I will be wearing jeans and a trendy top, then the next day I can be wearing a unique piece I found from a thrift store or something I created myself.  

TW: Do you think you care more about comfort or more about appearance? Or do you take a little bit of both?

LS: I would say a little bit of both. For example a lot of people do not find wearing jeans that comfy, but I try to find jeans that I will be comfortable in while also looking my best. It also depends on the day because I also still wear joggers. I am not going to wear something I am not comfortable in. The most important thing is to make sure I not only look comfortable and confident, but feel comfortable as well. 

TW: Tell me a bit about your clothing business. What inspired you to create that business?

LS: Around the start of last year I made customized Westhill shirts for myself and seniors took notice and asked if I could do the same to shirts for the colleges they were attending. My friends Marley Schweber (’20) and Sara Gatz (’20) help me with the business. We thrift and order in bulk products to customize. Every piece is different and unique.

TW: Do you take any style inspiration from your friends?

LS: Marley and I have very similar styles. We both love Havana Jeans in Stamford and have similar tastes. We share clothes all the time and both enjoy fashion. 

TW: Do you have any last comments about your style in general or your favorite part of fashion?

LS: I would say my favorite part of an outfit is pants and shoes, because you can wear a plain shirt, but then pair that with interesting and colorful pants and shoes, but the plain shirt will still pull the whole outfit together.

Photos contributed by Lexi Schultz / Contributor.

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