Online classes beneficial for students

With distance learning in place, textbooks and tablets (among other devices) allow students to continue their studies from home // Photo by Jason Zarilli / Managing Editor.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Connecticut has shut down all schools. Everyone is told to stay home and not get in contact with anyone else until further notice.

According to John Hopkins Medicine, COVID-19 is a new type of coronavirus that is flu-like and contagious. This disease can be severe to the point of death. 

Schools have closed down, leaving students to take online classes. This is the best solution for the condition we are in right now. Online schools can benefit us in many other ways by:

1. Staying Home and Staying Safe

The most comfortable place to be in is in our home, especially in our beds. Throughout this outbreak, it is very important to stay home away from other people. Having online classes is for the best instead of going to a crowded school. Being around lots of people in an unsanitized school could put you at risk of getting this deadly disease.

“I enjoy being able to teach from home and it has taught me so much for when we eventually return to Westhill. The unfortunate thing is that I do not have face-to-face interactions with my students during a difficult time in Stamford. I miss that the most!” Spanish teacher Mr. Lavallee said.

As much as we miss our friends, it is very important not to have any other physical contact so we do not risk each other’s health.

2.  Having Free Time 

While staying home all day, you are gonna have a lot of free time. It is important for students to have some time for themselves to take their mind off of work. Having online classes will give you a lot of extra time for yourself. 

“Online school is beneficial to me because I get to catch up on sleep, which allows me to function properly [rather] than having to wake up early. Online classes also allow me to create a schedule that works well for me when determining what homework to do or projects, etc,” Victoria Zilins (’20) said.

Taking online classes lets you plan out the schedule that works for you. This free time will also motivate you to do your work. The boredom that comes from staying home all day will drive you to be productive, or maybe even dig into that pile of clothes you have had on your chair for days. Use this time to discover some new hobbies: read a book, pick up that dusty guitar, or learn how to cook like Rachael Ray. 

3. Studying in a Comfortable Environment

Home is the most comfortable place to be in. Studying at home can put you in a happy place and in a good mindset, unlike school where your friends or boredom can distract you from your lessons.

 “It is just easier for me in terms of learning because I could actually understand what is being taught [rather] than having to be in a class with lots of distractions. This includes disturbance from other class members or announcements on the loudspeaker and even noises from kids skipping classes in the hallways,” Zilins continued.

At your home, you are free to do whatever you want. Unlike school, there are no restrictions to go to the bathroom, to eat, or even take a short nap if it is done responsibly.

4. Makes you more responsible

Now that all this time is given to get work done, there should be no excuse to get it complete. According to Illinois Online, which offers University of Illinois courses online, “studying online requires more self-motivation and time-management skills.” This is because it becomes your responsibility to make sure you do your work at the right time because there will not be a teacher telling you to.

5. Staying on track to finish school on time

With distance learning in effect, each day spent doing school work counts, and no school days have to be made up or lost altogether. This provides continuity for learning and allows students to prepare for AP exams. Students have the ability to continue the learning begun in school so that they can finish their courses’ curricula on time.

There are some downsides to online classes like how you have to stay home all day everyday, but that can become a good thing for certain people. Schools closing down is not a good sign for this epidemic, but it is the best possible solution to ensure that the disease won’t spread so easily. So make sure you stay home and wash your hands.

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