Top 10: Most comfortable rooms at Westhill

Mr. von Waldhe's room features bean bags, a couch, and artwork, creating a relaxed environment for his students.

This month, we compiled a list of the most comfortable classrooms at Westhill. From cozy seating to natural lighting, these rooms help their students feel welcome and ready to learn.

  1. Mrs. Marenholz

Bright blue lawn chairs, bean bags and swivel chairs are just a few of the seating options in Mrs. Marenholz’s classroom. She uses flexible seating to make the students feel comfortable in her classroom and to give them options. The bright colored posters and art add life to the room and create a comfortable atmosphere. 

“I always feel comfortable in Mrs. Marenholz’s class. The variety of seating, specifically the bean bags, help make me feel comfortable during classtime,” Ximena Vega (’20) said.

2. Mr. von Waldhe

In Room 222, artwork covers the wall above the abundant bookshelves. Students can pick between many seating choices such as couches and bean bags. The alternative lighting fixtures allow the space to be well lit without the bright fluorescent lights beating down on students during class. 

“He has a bunch of bean bags that are super comfy. The chairs and tables are well spread out so nobody is on top of each other while they work,” Grace Chasanoff (’21) said.

3. Ms. Wheeler

With the recent addition of the hot beverage center, Ms. Wheeler’s room is a dream for many students. Over the past year, she has been renovating her classroom with more spacious tables and comfortable chairs. Her classroom is set up with clusters so students can easily collaborate with others.

4. Media center

Open to students with hall passes or for teachers to bring their classes, the media center provides an open space for students to study or collaborate on projects. The windows allow for a warm reading space for students and the study cubbies allow for a private study area for each student. 

5. Ms. Schwach

A comfortable space tucked away in the 300s provides a room where students can take a breath and talk with Ms. Schwach. Her room not only has comfortable chairs but also includes fidget items such as Rubix Cubes. A white board with writing and drawings in many colors contributes to the welcoming feeling.

6. Mrs. Bosco

Mrs. Bosco has created a lively environment in Room 613. A guitar and a Lizard named Lizzie are just a few fun things you can find in her classroom. Her classroom provides a welcoming community for students. 

“It is welcoming and warm. She is so friendly that it just feels like it does not matter who you are, you matter,” Stephanie Forbes (’21) said.

7. Mrs. Moncure

In the art wing, Mrs. Moncure’s room has many colorfully painted stools from past students. These unique stools are an extra touch to the room that help create a unique and creative environment. The walls are covered in past artwork and the back wall mainly consists of windows, giving the students natural light to work under.

8. Band Room

The band room and Mr. Wyatt’s classroom provide a space for many students to attend class and eat lunch in a comfortable environment. Mr. Wyatt’s room includes a couch, making it a very fun space for students to eat lunch. 

9. Agriscience Atrium

On a sunny day, the atrium is gleaming with bright natural light. This space in agriscience is available for teachers to hold classes and for students to use with permission. The couches create a comfortable place to do work or to hold lively class discussions. 

10. Mrs. Konrad

A room hidden in the art wing remains full of life and energy thanks to Mrs. Konrad. The comical posters and back wall of windows creates a warm, lively learning environment. Thanks to the windows, the plants thrive in the natural light and the students do not feel isolated in the basement.

The photo of Mrs. Bosco’s room was taken by Zac Kitay / Contributor.

All other photos were taken by Madeline MacDonald / Staff Writer.

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