New schedules proposed for 2020-2021 school year

Two new schedules have been proposed for the 2020-2021 school year. Each aims to provide a flexible What I Need (WIN) period while maintaining the continuity and shorter periods of the current schedule // Images courtesy of Amy Beldotti / Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.

While block scheduling seems to no longer be the plan for next year, Stamford Public Schools is still working on the best schedule to put in place. The three main requirements are that there are eight classes, a What I Need (WIN) period, and flexibility at the end of the day for seniors to leave for internships. 

On Wednesday, February 12, the Westhill and Stamford High administrators, the Stamford Education Association (SEA), and central office administration discussed two possible schedules for next year: the Win & Go, developed by social studies department head Dr. Forbes, and another schedule that is slightly altered with a name yet to be determined. These schedules offer an adapted rotation system that allows the schedule to differ each day while ensuring the continuity of daily WIN periods. 

Westhill staff were given the opportunity to brainstorm pros and cons for each schedule, consider which classes are best fit for 65 minute blocks versus 42 or 43 minute blocks, and begin to rework their courses for the 65 minute blocks, during their Professional Development day on February 18. 

The Win & Go schedule has been praised for its flexibility at the beginning and end of the school day, yet some are concerned about the late lunch period, double period science and ESL classes, and the fact that students will always be tired during Period 1. The second schedule alleviates these issues, but it does not encourage students to arrive on time because of the first period rotation and provides transportation concerns for Blocks 5 and 6. Over the coming weeks, feedback will be collected and the schedules will be discussed in order to ultimately make a decision.

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