Westhill announces new assistant principal Mr. Ayala

“We look forward to welcoming the new Assistant Principal to the Westhill team. Mr. Dunlap will be greatly missed,” Mrs. Flora, Associate Superintendent for School Development, said.

Principal Rinaldi opened today’s faculty meeting with the announcement of the new Westhill assistant principal. Members of the Westhill community have waited in anticipation for this news since the position was vacated.

Mr. Dunlap, the previous Assistant Principal, left the school in October. With Mr. Dunlap’s departure, curiosity has been piqued as to the identity of the newcomer and how he will function in his new role at our school.

“I would like to begin with announcing the new assistant principal Robert Ayala,” Mr. Rinaldi said.

Mr. Ayala is the former Dean of Students at Brien McMahon, a Norwalk public high school. 

While transitioning jobs is often difficult, Mr. Rinaldi is optimistic that the new staff member will acclimate to Westhill’s environment quickly.

“I want to do everything I can, and I know you do too,” Mr. Rinaldi said.

Mr. Ayala is expected to visit Westhill within the next week. This visit will further introduce him to Westhill’s students, faculty, and overall community before his position is made official. According to Mr. Rinaldi, Mr. Ayala will be taking his position on or before December 9.

“We are very excited. He is very excited,” Mr. Rinaldi said.

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