How to study for midterms

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January can be a very stressful time for high school students as midterm exams are right around the corner. Midterms are just like any other test, but they cover the entire first semester. These tests can be very challenging, as students have up to seven classes to study for. Plus, with different strengths and weaknesses, some tests are much harder for students than others.

“For me, the hardest subject to study for is history classes because it’s a lot of memorization,” Nevaeh Mills (’19) said.

Studying for midterms is not easy, but there is a way you can study to be successful. Here are our tips on how to prepare for midterms.

Some general studying tips are: ask teachers for practice questions, make a study schedule, study a little bit every night, gather all your handouts or worksheets that covers all the material that you will need, form a study group, make flashcards, and, most importantly, always stay positive.

“Write out a plan for whatever subject you are studying for, don’t study for too [long in one sitting], and don’t wait [until the] day before your midterm,” Mr. Devellis, special education teacher, said.

Math is a subject that is difficult to study for, and many students struggle with it. Reviewing old homework and previous tests can be helpful. If there are particular problems you are struggling with, breaking them down and trying to understand the concept can be very helpful.

English classes are usually hard to study for, as most of the test will be writing essays analyzing texts. A good way to prepare for these exams is to do practice literature analysis essays in the timespan you will have during the actual exam. If you do not have the time to do this, you can always improve upon your vocabulary and study literary devices to make your responses stronger.

Social studies is time-consuming, as you have to sit and study content. Taking your study packet and making sure you are familiar with all the concepts that could be on the midterm is the best way to prepare.

“When you get a study packet, it’s a good idea to create notes for them,” Ms. Melfi-Smith, AVID teacher, said.

Science classes are difficult to study for, as they often combine content and math skills. Doing the practice questions teachers give you, as well as finding more practice online, can be extremely helpful. Some teachers even give students access to other study materials for extra practice.

“Dr. Migiano offers a website [for her students] called Utexas. It’s an online account for homework to help us know and understand the material better, and practice tests for us as students to know what to look for when the test arrives,” Faried Uddin (’19) said.

The best general studying platform most students have is Quizlet. Quizlet allows users to make their own study sets, or use the sets that other users have made. The best part of using Quizlet is that it gives you different methods to study the material in the vocabulary set. Users can fill in the blank, play matching games, or just go through the flash add card.

Some students prefer to wing their exams, but studying for your exams will lead to you being more prepared for your midterms, and, hopefully, better grades.

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